As an executive, partner or director, you are often on your own. Not a lot of people around you (dare to) speak the truth. You have a challenging and responsible role, but on occasion you find yourself wondering whether or not this is the right place for you. Having to perform at the top of your ability day in day out, leaves little time to stop and think about this.

You have achieved this position by climbing the ladder step by step. Because this is how it works: you performed well and so promotions stacked up with ever increasing degrees of responsibility. Great, because stagnation means decline. But is that always the case?

  • When did you last truly enjoy your job?
  • Is your job still fulfilling? 
  • Do you ever doubt whether you are still as effective as you used to be? 
  • Does the level you currently operate at demand behaviour that differs from what you are comfortable with? 

As your coach, I am your sounding board, sympathetic ear, mirror and guide. My methodology allows you to gain insight into natural behaviour versus desired behaviour. If the two are not properly balanced, you will find yourself expending (too) much energy in order to manifest the desired behaviour.


A better balance between natural and desired behaviour energises and offers a solid foundation for smoother and more effective communication.

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