Girasole helps you, your employees and/or your team to function optimally and with enjoyment. The result: personal and business efficiency.  

Direction and leadership

The capacity to change is a prerequisite for obtaining and maintaining success. Changing along with what the company, your position, your customers, the market and present day require of you. Every change requires direction and leadership. What needs to change and why? What is the final goal and how to achieve it?

Effective communication

Change begins with understanding oneself. Know your personal leadership style. What is your natural behaviour like and what have you taught yourself over the years? What are your (sub)conscious drives? Those who know themselves, function and communicate more smoothly and effectively and end up making better decisions.

A better balance between who you are and what you do energises and increases personal and business efficiency. That is the central thread of Girasole’s coaching process.


You increase your own effectiveness and learn to put the qualities of others to better use. You regain energy and enjoyment in what you do.

Girasole coaching process

  • Coaching proposal based on a personal intake
  • Attention to personal leadership 
  • Working (based) on concrete, realistic objectives 
  • 6 conversations on average 

Give me a call for an informal preliminary talk, no strings attached: +31(06)20 56 60 83.