Insight and energy

Girasole is a certified partner of Q4 Profiles and the DISC method. This method provides insight into differences between people, but most importantly into yourself. We map your preferred styles, strengths and growth opportunities. What is your natural mode of being? What behaviour do you manifest under pressure? What is your communication style and what are your subconscious drives?

Working more comfortably

You learn to recognise and understand your own style in a practical way, as well as what pitfalls to avoid. You better your understanding of the communication styles of others and improve your ability to align yourself to them. This eases conversation, prevents conflicts and improves results. The DISC method offers levers for working and living more comfortably and effectively, and improving your interaction with others.

Q4 Profiles / the DISC method is based on four fundamental human temperaments: Dominant, Interactive, Stable and Conscientious (DISC). The method provides an understanding of your natural behaviour and how it relates to the behaviour you’ve adopted over the years (desired behaviour).  

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