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Successful change

I believe that the capacity to change is a prerequisite for obtaining and maintaining success. Changing along with what the company, your position, your customers, the market and present day require of you. Girasole helps you change and secure future success.

About Girasole


I am Paul van der Zon, a techie, entrepreneur and coach. Girasole constitutes a culmination of my talents and passions. I am fascinated by how people and businesses work, how they operate and what is required for them to function optimally. All my endeavours are driven by the urge to help people and businesses grow.

Apart from Girasole BV, I have had a successful business that operated in a niche market within the field of electrical engineering. I have a lot of experience in interim management and shaping successful teams for companies in the B2B industry. You’ll find more information in my LinkedIn profile.

As of October 2018, I am a certified partner of Q4 profiles and the DISC method. This is a beautiful instrument for mapping human and team behaviour and instigating a discussion about it. I employ this methodology in helping people and organisations fulfil their ambition of increasing their (social) efficiency.

  • Personal coaching with clear, achievable goals

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    Added value on a personal, as well as business level

  • Certified Q4 profiles partner

Coaching trajectories

Girasole helps you, your employees and/or your team to function optimally and with enjoyment. The result: personal and business efficiency.

Direction and leadershipThe capacity to change is a prerequisite for obtaining and maintaining success. Changing along with what the company, your position, your customers, the market and present day require of you. Every change requires direction and leadership. What needs to change and why? What is the final goal and how to achieve it?
Effective communicationChange begins with understanding oneself. Know your personal leadership style. What is your natural behaviour like and what have you taught yourself over the years? What are your (sub)conscious drives? Those who know themselves, function and communicate more smoothly and effectively and end up making better decisions.A better balance between who you are and what you do energises and increases personal and business efficiency. That is the central thread of Girasole’s coaching process.
ResultYou increase your own effectiveness and learn to put the qualities of others to better use. You regain energy and enjoyment in what you do.
Girasole coaching processCoaching proposal based on a personal intakeAttention to personal leadership Working (based) on concrete, realistic objectives 6 conversations on average


Executive coaching

You have achieved this position by climbing the ladder step by step. Because this is how it works: you performed well and so promotions stacked up with ever increasing degrees of responsibility. Great, because stagnation means decline. But is that always the case?


Talent coaching

You’ve got emerging top talent on board that wants to learn. You have invested in them so they can function optimally. These people who are often young, benefit from an improved understanding of themselves, their behaviour and their drives. I help them set realistic goals as well as boundaries. Because strengths can become weaknesses, for example when someone takes on more work than he or she can handle. But how does one communicate boundaries?


Insight and energy

Girasole is a certified partner of Q4 Profiles and the DISC method. This method provides insight into differences between people, but most importantly into yourself. We map your preferred styles, strengths and growth opportunities. What is your natural mode of being? What behaviour do you manifest under pressure? What is your communication style and what are your subconscious drives?

Working more comfortably

You learn to recognise and understand your own style in a practical way, as well as what pitfalls to avoid. You better your understanding of the communication styles of others and improve your ability to align yourself to them. This eases conversation, prevents conflicts and improves results. The DISC method offers levers for working and living more comfortably and effectively, and improving your interaction with others. Q4 Profiles / the DISC method is based on four fundamental human temperaments: Dominant, Interactive, Stable and Conscientious (DISC). The method provides an understanding of your natural behaviour and how it relates to the behaviour you’ve adopted over the years (desired behaviour).


Improve yourself - Improve your EQ

Emotional intelligence is an important predictor of your success at work and in your personal life!


Where is EQI used?

Leadership development(Executive) CoachingIncreasing the self consciousnessPersonal effectivenessTeam effectivenessSelection


Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills whom together determine how well you:- perceive and express yourself- develop and maintain social relationships- cope with challenges- effectively and meaningfully use emotional intelligence
EQ-i 2.0® measures 5 different aspects of social functioning:Self perception – understanding your emotionsSelf expression – expressing your emotionsInterpersonal – Developing and maintaining relationshipsDecision making abilities – using emotions to be able to make better decisionsStressmanagement – coping with challenges
Determining Emotional Intelligence isn't a goal in itself, more so, it is a tool to provide insights into being even more successful! The EQ-i 2.0® report provides information about someones EQ competences, which allows the person to make a more educated decision about what should be the next steps. Besides this it also enables the person to be a more efective leader, a stronger teamplayer, and in the broader sense a happier person.

Find, develop, and keep talent with TMA

TMA connects organizations with people and develops
talents and competences by providing insights into
talents, interests, competences and career. TMA is
based on positive psychology.


TMA Method is an integrated system for strategic talent management and supports both employees and managers with clear and positively formulated selection, development and coaching tools. TMA is offered as an online service for strategic and continuous talent and competence management, team tools, 360 degree feedback, career centers, TMA Talent Assessments, MD Trajectories, mobility issues, coaching and career choice, for both groups and individuals. The basis of the TMA method is the linking of individual talents (psychometrics) to professional behavioral indicators, based on competences and result areas. TMA reports and recommendations are communicated to the candidate in a non-judgmental and talent-focused manner. TMA is based on positive psychology.
● TMA Method is based on positive psychology● Selecting and deploying people more effectively based on "talent pool matching" between work and personal talents● More objectivity in conversations about personal development and mobility● Training in a more targeted manner: developing the right competences that match talents● Effective management and division of labor in teams based on talents● Easy insight into cognitive capacities and professional interest / career advice● Easily search for talented people for a position / role or project with TMA Talentpool● Insight into 8000 professions and current vacancies with TMA Careercoach

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