Succesful change

What types of coaching do i offer?

Many coaches have a specialty. Mine is coaching and guiding business owners, managers and up-and-coming talents in the business world. I am a trusted partner of the people i guide. Girasole helps you, your employees and/of your team to function optimally and with pleasure.
The result?
Personal and business returns.


Coaching executives

Coaching (young) potentials

Personal guidance with clear, achievable goals.

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Increase in value on personal as well as on corporate level

Control and direction

The capacity to change is a prerequisite for being and remaining successful. Move with what the company, your customers, the market and the current times demand of you. Every change needs direction and direction. Because what needs to be done differently, and why? What is the ultimate goal and how do you ensure that you achieve those goals?

Paul van der Zon

My story

I am Paul van der Zon. Technician, entrepreneur, coach, husband and father. In Girasole my talents and passions come together. I am fascinated by how people and companies are put together, how they work and what it takes to make them function optimally. My motivation in everything I do is that I want to help people and companies move forward.

In addition to Girasole, I have had a successful company in a niche market within electrical engineering. I have extensive experience in interim management and forming successful teams in the B2B sector.
I have been a certified partner of Q4 profiles since 2018. The DISC method is one of the instruments I use to map the behavior of people and teams and then discuss this. I use this methodology, among other things, in processes in which people and organizations strive for better (social) returns. In addition to the DISC methodology, I am also a certified partner for the use of emotional intelligence mapping, EQI.

Paul van der Zon Girasole