About Girasole

I am Paul van der Zon. Techie, entrepreneur, coach, husband and father. In Girasole my talents and passions come together. I am fascinated by how people and companies are put together, how they work and what it takes to make them function optimally. My motivation in everything I do is that I want to help people and companies move forward.

In addition to Girasole, I have had a successful company in a niche market within electrical engineering. I have now sold this company, and after a number of interim tasks I went back to work at an electrical engineering company. Because I missed the coaching and training part, I decided in 2023 to focus again on coaching and guiding others.

I have been a certified partner of Q4 profiles since 2018. The DISC method is one of the instruments I use to map the behavior of people and teams and then discuss this. I use this methodology, among other things, in processes in which people and organizations strive for better (social) returns. In addition to the DISC methodology, I am also a certified partner for the use of emotional intelligence mapping, EQI.

Paul van der Zon Girasole

What can I help you with?

I can help you with many things, but I try to focus on the following:

Work more pleasantly

In a practical way you will learn to recognize and understand your own style, and you will know which pitfalls to avoid. You will gain more insight into the communication styles of others and you can respond better to them. This not only makes communication a lot easier, but also prevents conflicts and produces better results.

Effective communication

Change starts with insight into yourself. Get to know your personal leadership style. What is your natural behavior and what have you taught yourself over the years? What are your (un)conscious motivations? Those who know themselves function and communicate much more smoothly and effectively, and ultimately make better decisions. A better balance between who you are and what you do ensures greater personal and business returns.

You increase your own effectiveness and know how to make better use of the qualities of others. You will get new energy and more pleasure in what you do!

Need advice?

Coaching proposals are always based on a personal intake.
Here, attention is always paid to personal leadership, and we work on concrete, realistic goals.

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